ZWO ASI294MM Pro and 7x36mm filter wheel

I recently made the decision to move into the world of mono, instead of getting a dedicated color astro camera. I knew that I wanted to go there eventually but hesitated due to the cost and need of filters. But during the holidays I found a very nice package deal on the ZWO ASI294MM Pro with a 7x36mm filter wheel and LRGB + SHO filter kits from ZWO and couldn’t resist. In this video I will do a short review, unboxing of the products, installation and configuration, show you how to handle the amp glow and compare images, both individual subs and processed images between the Canon 60D DSLR (with and without filter) with the ASI294MM Pro. As a bonus, I will include the configuration and operation of setting the focus offsets for all filters in Astro Photography Tool. Similar configuration can be made in all popular acquisition software.