Gathering 20 hours of data on the Rosette Nebula

I feel like I have reached a milestone, almost like graduation in some ways. I have spent countless hours on the Internet and on Youtube researching this hobby, different equipment, software, processing techniques and finally climbed over the threshold. It’s been only 5 months since I bought my first telescope and took my very first image of the Andromeda Galaxy with a DSLR. I since then have tried to learn everything there is to learn, and I’m a kind of person that want to know everything right away. So about one month ago I decided to go over to the world of mono and narrowband imaging. I quickly tested the equipment and fell in love in the first image that the camera produced and the processing options available. Over the past weeks I have been gathering data on this project, the Rosette Nebula, and you could say this is my very first image, processed in SHO with HA stars. Enjoy and please stay tuned for more!