My gear

Mount: SkyWatcher HEQ5 Pro Equatorial Mount with GoTo (belt mod and SKF bearings)
Telescope: SkyWatcher EvoStar 80ED Pro APO refractor
Reducer Flattener: SkyWatcher 0,85x Field Flattener and Focal Reducer
Focuser: ZWO EAF Automatic Focuser
Filter Wheel
: ZWO EFW Electronic Filter Wheel, 7 position 36mm
Guide scope: SkyWatcher EvoGuide 50ED refractor

Imaging Camera: ZWO ASI294MM Pro (mono)
Guide Camera
: ZWO ASI120MM Mini (mono)
Imaging Camera
: Canon EOS 60D (color)
Camera Lens: Tamron AF SP 28-75mm f/2.8D DI IF XR
Filters: ZWO LRGB and ZWO SHO Narrowband, H-Alpha, O-III, and S-II

Other eqipment
HitecAstro dew controller with heat straps for telescope and guide scope
SkyWatcher EvoFrame camera rotator
Orion 100-132mm and 55-70mm ID Bahtinov masks
Explore Scientific Solar Filter 110-130mm
Leicke 12V 10A power supply
Leicke 5V 10A power supply

Astro Photography Tool
SharpCap Pro
PHD2 Guiding