Caldwell 49 – Rosette Nebula

After each season I will revisit a few objects with more data, different processing technique or in combination with other data sources and make new images. First in line is Caldwell 49 or Rosette Nebula, since this was the first real image that I made with this gear that I have now.

I’m upgrading this image with about 3 hours’ worth of data, new processing steps in PixInsight and dithering/drizzle integration to see if that will have any impact on the final image in comparison to the old one. Enjoy and please stay tuned for more!

Data for this image: 91x300s S-II, 90x300s Ha, 86x300s O-III
Total number of exposures 267 with a total integration time of 22,3 hours
Processing: PixInsight with SHO palette with SHO stars