PixInsight Tutorial Part 2: Pre-Processing Image Approval and Integration

This is part 2 in my first PixInsight Tutorial series of videos. In this second video I will complete the pre-processing and show you how to use the subframe selector to measure and approve the light frames as well as how to align the stars in the light frames for each filter and finally how to integrate the light frames for each filter. In the tutorial I will use a ASI294MM Pro camera and Ha, O-III and S-II filters, but the principles will apply to other scenarios. I will show you the manual steps for the entire approval and integration in PixInsight.

The weight expression used in the video: (15*(1-(FWHM-FWHMMin)/(FWHMMax-FWHMMin)) + 20*(1-(Eccentricity-EccentricityMin)/(EccentricityMax-EccentricityMin)) + 15*(Stars-StarsMin)/(StarsMax-StarsMin))+50

An example of an approval expression: FWHM < 6.5 && Eccentricity < 0.65