IC1396 – Elephant’s Trunk Nebula SHO

This is the result of the first four hours of data collected with my new ASI294MM Pro and SHO filters. It’s also the first time I process mono and narrowband data and the first time trying the SHO palette.

IC1396 – Elephant’s Trunk Nebula, 2022-01-17.

18x300s Ha, 18x300s OIII and 12x300s SII, gain 120, bortle 4, total integration of 4 hours.

SkyWatcher EvoStar 80ED Pro (0,85x FR/FF) and ZWO ASI294MM Pro on SkyWatcher HEQ5 Pro with SkyWatcher EvoGuide 50ED and ZWO ASI120MM Mini. ZWO SII, Ha, and OIII filters. Image processing with PixInsight.