NGC7023 – The Iris Nebula

NGC7023 – The Iris Nebula, 2021-11-11

First time capturing with the new MiniPC. Everything was working great, tracking, guiding in combination with the clear weather. I did a polar alignment with SharpCap using my mobile phone with remote desktop to the MiniPC, set my focus with the Bahtinov mask and then went inside for the rest of the session.

30x240s, ISO1600, bortle 4. Clear skies and about -3C. Total integration time 2 hours.

Skywatcher Evostar 80ED Pro+focal reducer 0,85x and Canon 60D on Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro with Skywatcher Evoguide 50ED and ZWO ASI 120 MM Mini. Image processing with DSS and PI.